Help, I need motivation!

For some reason, I can’t seem to get very motivated to train for my next race. I’m running in the Fargo Mini-Marathon in the fall, but the will is weak. What are your tips for getting motivated? Help me, fellow runners!

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7 Responses to Help, I need motivation!

  1. turtle says:

    I am having the same issue. I still want to run and I am running 3-4 times/week, but after the Fargo Marathon I lost some confidence in training. I know that sounds dumb, but it’s true. I struggled between miles 13-19 during the Fargo marathon, and when I got myself back on track, my marathon partner smashed into the “wall”. I gave up my time goal to help him finish. I was so frustrated with how I ran the marathon, that I begin to doubt the 16 weeks of training I put in. I guess I am hesitant to put in that much time again and run the risk that things won’t come together when I need it most.

    So, what do I focus on? I focus on how running makes me feel good. I focus on the mini-marathon without calling it “training”. I focus on how much I enjoy the running community. I focus on trying to get back the mental edge I gained during my marathon training, especially my 20 mile training run, but somehow lost between miles 13-19. I try to focus on my accomplishment and not that I missed my goal time by 10 minutes. I read this blog and find motivation in everyone who posts there triumphs and struggles. I find motivation with every step I run.

    Slow and Steady Turtle

    I need to start blogging again. Your question sparked the desire in me to talk about my running with other people. I haven’t done that since May 20, 2011. Thanks Shane!!

    • Hey Turtle. Thanks for your insights. You should try not to worry too much about the Marathon. There were a lot of people out there struggling with the humidity. With the long winter and cool spring we had, I’m not sure we had much time to train up and acclimate to the heat/humidity. I didn’t feel good about my performance at the Fargo either. I did the half. I think I felt the humidity too, and I’m from Tennessee.

      Sometimes it’s best not to try to figure it all out. Just put it behind you, be happy you got through it and move on. I’ve done a couple of 5Ks since then and was very happy with how things went.

      See you later,


      • turtle says:

        Thanks Shane! I have ran two 10k’s this summer and I have not completely shut the door on another full marathon…..someday. Right now, I am aiming for the 1/2 in October. See you there!

  2. Hi Shane!

    Motivation is always tough. I think it is good to remember why you are doing what you are doing whether it be simply a goal, for fitness, to lose weight, or my personal favorite — to have fun!

    Things I do personally to keep motivated is to go different places to run rather than sticking with my normal route. Another great way to mix it up to keep things interesting is to cross train. This will help break the monotony of doing the same thing over and over.

    I don’t know about you but I have always felt better after exercising than before I started. Keep that in mind when you lace up your shoes and head out the door!!

    Good luck!

    • Hey Craig, thanks for the advice. I do need to find some different places to run. Time limits that but maybe on the weekend once in a while I could drive out of town a ways.

      And I can relate to the feeling better afterward. Let’s face it, you rarely see a runner who looks like they’re having a ball out there. But it does feel great when it’s over and that sense of accomplishment (even just for a training run) is pretty nice.

      See you out on the course,


  3. adam says:

    Hey shane. something i do for motivation is sit down and wright down some accomplishments for the day. they may be small but it makes you realize what you have done. this includes if you run or not, clean the house etc.. also to lift my spirits ill go do a trail run not worry about distance or time just go run, a lot of times we get hung up on time, distance and it stresses us out. just go out and run, or bike or blade. take a week off that may do it also. also a deeper note, look at your nutrition. with a lot of the runners i train their motivation is down, well we look back at the diary log and its usually nutritional related, wrong foods make you feel crappy and unmotivated. or watch rocky beat the russian!!!