Back at it

June was kind of a tough month for me as far as running goes.  Well, I guess it wasn’t tough, mostly because I hardly ran!!  I had a bit of a tendon problem in my left ankle where every time I ran it would become inflamed and cause a lot of pain. I essentially took three weeks off of running. I did, however, replace my running with biking.  Biking was great when I wasn’t able to go running. It is a lot of fun to be able to go places that are further away than when running. This is especially true living in the country.

When I did start running again towards the end of June, my running has been going really good. I haven’t had any other issues with my ankle and my legs are still strong. Actually, the last weekend in June I competed in the Average Joe triathlon and had a great bike and run leg. A few days later I rode my bike up to Fargo (only 20 miles due to a flat tire and no spare) and ran in, and won, the Noridian 5k.

I have been transitioning to more ultra distance training for the upcoming Voyageur 50mile and the Sawtooth 100mile. This includes doing longer, slower runs. Since I work in the Multiband building on the 5th floor, I thought it would be a good idea to only use the stairs and if I need to use the restroom, to use the restroom on the 1st floor. This has been great and it has really helped strengthen my legs.  I know this will help for the power lines section of Voyageur!!

I also started to do some night runs. It seems like this is one of the only times I have to go out and not feel bad about leaving Zander and Alicia since I already don’t get to see them a whole lot during the day.

I am really excited for Voyageur to come here and I can’t believe it is just over a week away!!!  I’m not sure why I like that race so much.  Might be the challenge or the familiarity, but whatever it is I get really excited thinking about hopping out on that trail, running, and seeing the sights!  I’m probably weird but I actually like the power lines section!  I haven’t registered for Sawtooth yet.  I decided to wait till after I ran Voyageur so I knew whether or not I would have the legs since I had to take some time off.  Right now I think I will be fine even though the furthest I have ran since the Fargo Marathon has only been 12 miles…  My legs feel good.  Ultras are more mental than physical…. right???

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