National Running Day

Today, June 1st, is National Running Day! I know all of you went out and ran as far as you felt comfortable going on this beautiful sunny day, and it was no different for me! I met up this evening with my friends from Red River Runners Grand Forks and we car pooled 25 miles together out to Turtle River State Park. Once there, we split into two groups: One that wanted to run through the woods on dirt (mud) trails and one that stayed on pavement. Being one of the oldest of the group, I choose to stay on firm footing, and enjoyed a leisurely jog on some beautiful tree lined park roads.

Before we started, we took our annual group photo, which included all those in attendance that trained for the Fargo Half and Full Marathon. After the run, we shared goodies and stories from Fargo. There is a certain bonding that takes place between people that have trained together, and then completed something as significant as a marathon, and the air was alive with groans and laughter as we shared our experiences! We exchanged congratulations on recent achievements, and made plans to boost each other forward towards even higher goals in the months to come; whatever they may be.

Thank you, my friends at Red River Runners, for believing in me, and for helping me achieve more than I ever dreamed possible. It’s been a good year, and I look forward to even better things in the year to come!

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One Response to National Running Day

  1. Sounds like you had a nice run and celebrated National Running Day amongst some special people. We live in Canada, and even though we don’t have “National Running Day”, I’ve adopted it anyway and made sure I went for my run and challenged myself a bit more.
    Hey, the year is still early – lots more great things ahead!