Challenges and Injuries

This running season has resulted in a few challenges  injuries for me.

The first, and worst, was a bout of pneumonia.  This kept me from running for a week in March, and got me far behind for the next week and a half.  This was about the time I was really trying to step up my ‘training’.  I don’t follow any sort of training program, but I set weekly running time goals for me.

The next challenge has been the weather.  As anyone from around Grand Forks, or most of North Dakota knows, the weather has been crazy this year, which has greatly restricted my running.  As I currently don’t belong to a gym, I do laps at the inside track here at UND, but I can only do so many laps.

Another challenge for me has been being a newlywed.  What no one told me is that along with a life partner, I would be getting a few (or more) extra pounds to carry around with me as well.  This has been extra hard for me because I’ve never had to struggle this much with any sort of exercise.

My fourth, and most embarrassing injury, was the recent ‘trip’ I took while running.  I wouldn’t call it a trip, or a fall, but more like an epic meeting of my body and the ground.  Thank you random Grand Forks citizen for honking and distracting me, causing this injury.  But a HUGE thank you to the random Grand Forks family for pulling over for a crying, bloody, wet, random runner.  After landing in a melting pile of snow on the sidewalk, I was in rough shape, and certainly a mess.  It resulted in bloody and bruised hands and knees, and a big blow to my running morale.  Things got worse when my hand got infected and I almost had to go to the clinic or ER over Easter because it was so infected.  While my hand doesn’t affect my running, I was still feeling the emotional effects of my first spill.

My final injury is yet to come, and that is going to be a big blow to my ego.  My time for the half marathon is going to be atrocious.  And since I told all my friends about how if I can do it, they can totally do it, they all are!  So, a few of my friends, co-workers, and sorority sisters are all coming to run in some event, and to kick my butt.  Even more unfortuantely, many people I work with are planning on coming down and cheering…..from my parents’ house.  Which means there will be no hiding from them.  I forgot to mention, I work in college athletics…..I’m not athletic.

However, in spite of all these challenges, I’m still reaching my goals…getting healthy and having fun.  Despite my impending ego blow, I’m looking forward to jogging in the Half Marathon.  I’ve managed to lose a few newlywed pounds and I get to compare notes and ideas with a lot of my good friends.


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3 Responses to Challenges and Injuries

  1. jimlindlauf says:

    Everything about running is challenging. Just crossing the finish line means you have overcome them all. Who knows, you may even surprise yourself: You are a seasoned runner after all!

  2. turtle says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take the accomplishment of finishing the 1/2 marathon and let go of the time worry. Last year I went into the 1/2 marathon having lost 4 of the last 6 weeks of training due to an ankle injury. I started the race with the mindset that i just wanted to finish. In the end, I did way better than I had hoped. Hang in there. The power of the race setting will motivate and encourage you to the very end!
    Slow and Steady Turtle

  3. Hey, don’t worry about a few tumbles and falls – it happens. I just had a similar experience in Mexico, running on a dirt road. I was looking in at a house being built and tripped over the trunk of a coconut tree that was cut in half and supposedly was serving the purpose of a road bump (called “topes” in Mexico). My pride has healed quicker than the road rash that my knees and hands experienced. And that wasn’t the first time either :-)